On Friday, August 21st and on Saturday, August 22nd @fourhorsemengames 🧩 participated in several online events in the @barpiggame tavern!! 🤘🏻🐷😍

Our very own music composer Tim Ouw @ouw9000 was a part of Gaming Music Mini-Concerts!! 🎶🎉 Our Team Lead Michiel Verweij @verweijmichiel rocked at the Live D&D with #BarPIG characters 🐒🐷🐧🐥🐹🐨🐸 and took part in the Discussions Panel: Diversity, Inclusion, and Visibility in Gaming!🤓☺️

Have fun watching 🥳🥳🥳🥳🐷 #game #gameart #ukgamesexpo #gamenews #fhgames #BarPig

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