Spring Collection of Greeting Cards now in Stock!!!

Updated: Feb 26

Dotling cards are back in stock! This time we present you with our spring collection!

We have just released the International Women's Day and Easter Greeting cards with beautiful colorful hand-drawn Dotlings.

Our Women's Day Dotling was inspired by the "We Can Do It" poster produced by J. Howard Miller in 1943 for Westinghouse Electric as an inspirational image to boost female worker morale. The "We Can Do It" poster, also called "Rosie the Riveter" was an allegorical cultural icon of World War II, representing the women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II, many of whom produced munitions and war supplies. Later this image was used to promote feminism and support the strong women movement.

Our cards were created to help you celebrate all the strong, inspiring, and beautiful women in your life! They are available in classic printed option, or digital providing you with more flexibility to print it as much as you need.

Our Easter greeting cards, depicting the classic Easter Rabbit surrounded by eggs.

Bunny has become a prominent symbol of Easter. Traditionally children made nests in which Rabit could lay its colored eggs. Over time, a basket with many tasty goods, including cheerful colored chocolate eggs, replaced nests. This hand-drawn art card depicting Easter Dotling Rabit and eggs is a beautiful gift to wish a Joyful and Happy Easter to your family and friends.

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