• Press The Dot is a narrative driven puzzle game with quick short levels and unique hand-drawn art with catchy melodies.
  • It uses simple geometric forms like dots, lines and circles that come together in the games characters called Dotlings.
  • Progressing through puzzles by pressing Dotlings and Dots brings many unexpected and various effects that put you on a search for the right press.
  • Consists of 6 storylines in 46 levels full of philosophical and metaphorical references. 
  • Press The Dot is developed for iOS and Android devices.
Spin Marimba.png
  • An old time classic from the golden age of gaming with a twist.
  • The constantly turning playing field adds a fresh, counter-intuitive, spinning challenge when engaging your friends in a game of space tennis.
  • The addition of soothing marimba sounds alongside the gameplay will keep you focused on the matches to come!

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