Team Lead and Lead Artist, Co-Founder, Co-Owner

Knowledge and Experience: holds a degree in fine arts from Gerrit Rietveld Academy and over a decade of organization and project management of cultural events in the art sector.

Fun Fact: When attending the art academy and after graduation Michiel spent many years working on numerous art pieces, drawings and photography trying to find his own voice in the fine art sector. However, looking back at that time he realizes that the love for gaming and gaming culture always been a returning theme in his artwork.



Co-Owner, PR Manager

Knowledge and Experience: holds Sustainable Design and Geospatial Technologies Degrees from Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia. Years of experience working as solution engineer supporting global business development in engineering and GIS companies.


Fun Fact: Anastasiia has lived in four different countries and considers herself a globetrotter and a very social person. She has friends in many countries and loves to build and keep connections with people around her. Her favorite hobby is to crack tough problems either by playing puzzle games or improving natural systems with application of spatial analytics. 



Lead Programmer

Knowledge and Experience: has a Bachelor in Philosophy and after doing small jobs worked in politics for six years as an office manager to a Member of Scottish Parliament. After moving to the Netherlands he followed a Masters in Game Studies at University of Amsterdam.


Fun Fact: Colin caught the bug for game development back in 1980’s Glasgow with the delivery of an Amstrad PCW8256 word processor complete with a monochrome black-and-green screen. The system came bundled with a number of games written in BASIC and playing around with their source code sent him down the path upon which he finds himself to this day.




Knowledge and Experience: pursued his interest in programming in ICT Application Developer at Regio College in Zaandam and is currently working on obtaining Game Development Degree at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam.


Fun Fact: The first interaction José had of playing video games was on the Amiga 500, where he played games like Cannon Fodder, Test Driver 1 & 2 and Desert Strike. His passion for gaming really took off when his older brother acquired a Playstation 1 and he realized he needed to buy his own.


Wemko Dijkhuis Pasfoto.png


Knowledge and Experience: After a study Game Design with a major in Communication Systems at Hanze Hogeschool Groningen he had an IT job, and some solo projects. Now Wemko has joined Four Horsemen Games as a Unity developer.

Fun Fact: By always interacting with computers, Wemko breathes bits and bytes. Although all computer related things are loved, games are a bit more special for him than the other programs. If it is graphics, sound or just storytelling. After learning to program, a connection was made. 




Knowledge and Experience: study Software engineering at the University of Peloponnese, Greece. He has experience as a Unity developer on both solo and team projects.


Fun Fact: From his childhood, he enjoyed extreme sports and had an addiction to adrenaline. Programming can be stressful so this is his own way to calm down. He believes that you can't live in fear when you have the abilities to control it.



Game Artist

Knowledge and Experience: holds a Game Art and Design degree from Sint Lucas College in Eindhoven.


Fun Fact: At the age of four Sander became fascinated with the games on his parents’ old Dos-computer and continued on with FPS, RTS and adventure games throughout his childhood. Growing up he developed an interest in storytelling through visual means and started drawing comic books and doodling wherever he had the chance. 



Music Composer

Knowlegde and Experience: while pursuing his Arts degree at the Conservatory of Amsterdam he focused on studying jazz and orchestral. He has years of experience working as an educator, performer, composer and producer. 

Fun Fact: Tim comes from a musical family. He owned his first drum set when he was two years old. Among others Tim especially likes to play open world games, role playing games and simulations. Science Fiction is a huge part of his life and he is tremendously influenced by writers like J.G. Ballard.



Sound Designer

Knowledge and Experience: holds a Music Producer degree from Centrum Voor Afstandsonderwijs and has years of experience working as multi-instrumentalist, solo artist. He also founded his own band.

Fun Fact: He is an avid PS and Xbox games trophy hunter and is currently #40 in the Dutch trophy leaderboards. Currently he spends a lot of time working on his 5th solo album and practicing and performing with his band In-Existence.



Social Media and Community Manager

Knowledge and Experience: Holds a Dental Surgeon degree from UNAM and has worked as both a dentist and dental assistant, published a second place paper on Albino patient treatment handling.
Fun Fact: Having lived in 5 countries and several regions within them, she is quick to adapt and adopt accents. Musical theater, gaming and rock/metal fan, always a support character, loves to hype on people’s goals and projects, which eventually lead to taking on a couple social media managing projects. Classical nerd, will cry over an 80% score.



Co-Founder, Programmer Consultant

Knowlegde and Experince: holds a Masters in Artificial Intelligence from VU University Amsterdam. Tim worked as a programmer in game industry (at Guerrilla Games) for many years.


Fun Fact: His passion for programming began in his childhood where he quickly mastered a series of programming languages like Basic and C++. Next to an expert programmer Tim is also a great musician as a singer and being proficient in many instruments.



Programming Consultant

Knowledge and Experience: studied Information Systems with a specialization in Game Technology at De Haagse Hogeschool and additional training with a minor in Stuttgart, Germany. Currently working as a Software Engineer.

Fun Fact: Jafeth built his first PC when he was 11 years and never quit building. Besides game development he likes to listen and compose his own music, from Irish folk to Metal. He also practices Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) and loves reading making it a point to read the collected works of J.R.R. Tolkien yearly.