About Us

Four Horsemen Games is a game development team based in Amsterdam, founded by two long-time gamers and additional specialists.
We are fully dedicated to developing games that are not only fun to play but have solid gameplay, thought out themes and captivating presentation.

We strive to be the creators of irresistible games that everyone loves to play over and over again!

Our games are currently available on Android and iPhone smartphones!

This is us!


michielpasfoto2 Michiel Verweij

As team lead of Four Horsemen Games, Michiel is dedicated towards the development of the company as a creative business.
Having worked on cultural events in the art sector for many years, he gained experience with organizing and project management before shifting to game development in 2015. In that year he co-founded Four Horsemen Games together with his brother.
He is born and raised in Amsterdam where he attended the Gerrit Rietveld academy and completed the fine arts course. Apart from his initiatives in the art sector, his art itself in form of drawings and photography has been shown in Amsterdam several times as well as abroad. His love for gaming and gaming culture has always been a returning thematic in his artwork. At downtime, he enjoys getting out of the house to meet other humans. He has a broad gaming taste with no true preferences that include games from many genres like FPS, RPG, Tower-defense, Platform, and Point and Click adventures.


timv Tim Verweij

Together with his brother, Tim founded Four Horsemen Games in 2015. Having worked in the gaming industry (at Guerrilla Games) for many years his skills form the backbone of development. After introducing new programmers to the team in 2016 he became Programming Lead to provide extra guidance and structure. As a long time gamer, his passion for programming began in his childhood where he quickly mastered a series of programming languages like Basic and C++. Steadily building his expertise and skill he went to graduate from VU University Amsterdam, obtaining his Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence before he began working in the gaming industry. Next to an expert programmer Tim is also a great musician as a singer and being proficient in many instruments. As a gamer, he tends to prefer point and click adventures and games with a deeper narrative.


timouw Tim Ouw

At a very young age, Tim seemed to fall in a realm of rhythm and percussion. He owned his first drum set when he was two years old. His father - being a jazz guitarist - was a tremendous influence on Tim. He developed a love for jazz music from his tenth year studying drums at his local music school. During high school, he became interested in composition and film music. Continuing his studies at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, focusing on jazz and orchestral music, he picked up the Bass guitar and became a Bachelor of Art. Currently, he is an educator, performer, composer and producer. He works with several artists on stage as a drummer and bass guitarist, in addition, he is a composer for film and documentaries. He is happy to work with Four Horsemen Games, fulfilling one of his dreams: to compose music for video games.


mebio Colin Rullkotter

Sometime in the 1980s, somewhere in darkest Glasgow, Ma Rullkotter took delivery of an Amstrad PCW 8256 word processor, complete with 256k of RAM and black-and-green screen. Six or seven years prior to that, she had been granted a son who, although not wholly unwelcome, appeared to be of much less practical use. However, together these two acquisitions proved to be greater than the sum of their parts. By reverse engineering, the BASIC games bundled with the system, young Colin embarked upon a love affair with coding, which was to be the deepest and most enduring of his life. Many, many decades later, old Colin finds himself living in the Netherlands and working as a C#/Unity developer at Four Horsemen Games. He is particularly interested in games which tell stories in ways other media cannot, from indie titles such as. In his spare time, he enjoys discussing current affairs and learning to ride a bike like a Dutchman.


Robin Heijn

Robin fell in love with games ever since he got his first playstation when he was six years old. Later when he was 16 he picked up a guitar for the first time due to his interest in heavy music. He started practicing and experimenting a lot and then started composing songs, which led to the release of multiple solo albums. Before getting his degree he needed time to find the right study. He followed multiple courses like, game artist, sound engineer and eventually music producer. Now years later Robin is a multi-instrumentalist, band member, solo artist and has obtained his music producer degree.
He’s happy to work for Four Horsemen Games because this allows him to finally combine the two things he loves most: music/sound and games. He likes a lot of games like RPG’s, FPS and Tower Defense and is an avid trophy hunter on PSN.


Sander van der Linden

Ever since he was young, Sander was fascinated by games. From the old school Dos-games on his moms work computer when he was 5 years old, to the FPS, RTS and adventure games he played with his classmates in and out of school. The visual design could tell stories, often without words and the interactive nature of games could create unique scenarios that would inspire him throughout his life.

In high school he was first introduced to 3D modeling software, that would open the doorway to study game art and design at SintLucas in Eindhoven. He currently works at Four Horsemen Games as a game artist in close collaboration with Michiel.


Kamran Khan

Kamran is a student from Mediacollege Amsterdam. Currently he is doing an art internship at Four Horsemen Games that also includes game design. The things he likes the most are drawing, games and music.
Games are another form of art for him as he got a lot of inspiration from other games since he’s little. Games like Tekken, Soul Calibur and Metal Gear drew him towards industry since he was little. Those games still remain an inspiration and keep motivating him to continue.
He wants to develop himself now in drawing and desigining, while also contributing to a real company.