Pop'n'Play review  - (08/04/2018)


It has been almost a week since Pop'n'Play at Roest but we still want to thank the event location Roest, game store Het Paard and of course all participating game developers. It has been a tremendous day.

The ambiance all around was "gezellig", as inside games were played a lot of people enjoyed the sun at the terrace outside. The Four Horsemen Games team has enjoyed the promoting and testing of our coming game Press The Dot and are hoping to return to this beautiful location another time.

Hope to see you soon at the next edition of Pop'n'Play!


PopinnPlay 2 review  - (14/10/2017)


The second edition of the PopinnPlay game event was a success and there were a good number of visitors. The ambiance was gezellig with a broad supply of board, card and digital games. We want to thank the organization of PopinnPark and Greennest Gallery for their contribution and all visitors for dropping by. PopinnPlay will in all probability return in the spring of next year at PopinnPark. Hope to see you all then:). Underneath follows a collection of pictures taken at the event.

PopinnPlay 2nd Edition Line-Up & Flyer - (23/09/2017)


The line-up of the PopinnPlay event is almost complete and the flyer for the event is in! We are very proud to present the games underneath that can be played at the event. Besides that, you will be playing with and against the developers of the different games present:).

BaRPiG of Johno&Phil
Rifugio of NRP Games
SIGN of The Mountain Men
TriqTraq of Zaplin Music
No Way Out of God As A Cucumber
Judge Mental of Wooden Plank Studios

The tournament mode of our own game Spin Marimba will of course also return and can be played on the big screen. And last but not least a testpanel for our new game Press The Dot will be present.

See you then:)!



Meet our new Art Intern Brian de Groot! - (22/09/2017)


Meet our new Art Intern Brian de Groot who will have his internship at Four Horsemen Games for the coming five months. Brian was of course already a member of the Press The Dot development team and we are glad that he asked us for a possible Art internship spot. We also want to thank SBB for taking care of the accreditation of FHG and the Mediacollege Amsterdam for providing advise and supporting guidelines. Spirits are high because the internship will kick the PtD production in a higher gear!


PopinnPlay Review - (28/05/2017)

On Saturday the 27th of May Four Horsemen Games presented the PopinPlay game event at PopinnPark. Games of all types wre be played during the event in this unique indoor park situated at the Middenweg 20 in Amsterdam. You could mix your own music track with Triq Traq, battle as a Kings Crabs against each other with the boardgame Frutti di Mare, take a hike through the Italian Dolomites with Rifugio or play the hilarious card game adventure BaRPiG and many more.

The event was a success even with the tremendous weather outside that day we still had a number of visitors; the ambiance was very good and everybody enjoyed themselves playing some quality games.

PopinnPlay at PopinnPark in Amsterdam - (12/05/2017)


Four Horsemen will be hosting the PopinnPlay gaming event at PopinnPark on Saturday 27th of May! Everybody that has a gaming passion or just likes to drop by on this great event at the only indoor park in Europe is invited! The entrance is free and apart from games there will be a stand of Taste Before You Waste there as well; come join us on Saturday!

Apart from that many thanks go out to our friends Phil&Johno from BaRPig (who also will participate at the event:) for their support end advice. Check out their live-stream underneath where I appear as a guest and talk about the PopinnPlay event.



Spin Marimba Release - (19/12/2017)


Underneath some nice pictures taken of the terrific Spin Marimba Release Party we at De Roode Bioscoop in Amsterdam on the 19th of December back in 2017. Thanks to all the guests attending, De Roode Bioscoop's service and just a bit of effort our first release party has been a success and a night to remember! Four Horsemen Games was (and still is) very happy to announce that Spin Marimba was available for purchase on the Google Play and Apple App stores as of that day!